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 I fell in love with the graceful beauty of the horse long before I can remember — perhaps it was my first pony ride on "Tony the Pony" at my grandparents farm, or maybe I was just born horse crazy.  Either way, I dreamed of nothing but horses and drove everyone crazy (some say I still do).

Years later, my dreams came true — I was lucky enough to find my "once
 in a lifetime horse"
, Challengette (aka Jetta) and share the most amazing 13 years together. Having just recently lost her at the age of 30, I am so grateful that my father had passed on his love of photography to me. Over the years I captured many of the moments we shared and today those images bring me great comfort and allow me to be transported back in time to relive special moments.

So you see, I understand the bond you share with your special friend — the unconditional love, the commitment, the work — all the moments — the heartbreaks and the triumphs. There is a story in those moments that longs to be recorded;  the touch of their nose, the way they make you laugh, how it feels to ride together through golden fields...

Let's record some beautiful moments from your story, so they will be preserved
and cherished for years to come.

“To take putting one’s head, one’s eye and one’s heart on the same axis"
~ Henri Cartier-Bresson

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